Back to school

At the end of April 30th, many boys would have thought that the holidays are as long as 31 days…. But, it ended up faster, much faster than many have expected…. Well, I am not an exception to it……. Though I made my mind clear to be home sick and to do the assignments faster and earlier, so that I might just find some time to study.: , it all ended up in a haste and almost a pure waste….. I did, to say with, just copied my assignments from the text book to my note book….watching wrestling or hearing songs or just simply sleeping… As a result, those works made my wrists pain right till June 4th night, a day before my school’s re opening….. And then, then came June 5…

Around half past seven in the morning, the school van came into sight, and then my school into my sight and …….. Pressure is not an exception to it…. Results of Organised tests are not so warm to welcome me into the school…… Got very low marks in Physics, maths and chemistry, the three core subjects in which, this year mainly depends upon…. Good to get some suggestions from my bro; he says that, its really difficult to start your higher studies with a very good note….. We’ve got to get used to it…… Well…..Hope so, every stuff turns good…… :-

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