The Blast

He was just walking down the road. It was a beautiful evening. The sun was about to bid the final goodbye to they day, kissing the horizon, the sky turning crimson red, flocks of geese making their way back home, two kids racing and cycling, every stuff was fine. This man just dug his palms inside his pocket and walked down the road, moseying around in the dewful evening.

Just as he was looking at a bright green leaf and a small dew drop in it, his looks changed abrubtly; His eyes widened, eyebrows curved. He was staring at a girl who was watching him as she walks, with a twirl of her skirts, and an arm over her friend, her lips narrowed a bit, but smiling a bit at the same time, her shoes hugging the floor; She walked, walked and walked and disappeared out of his view into a restaruant.

He stood their……. his mind twingling….. The world war III has started in his heart and he cannot chill. He lifted his left hand a bit and pinched his right hand. It was true; not a fantasy;… He confirmed himself and stood their motionless. Somewhere in his cerebrum knocked his conscious and he remembered that its about twillight time and his mom will be searching for him. So, his heart mugged up with that girl’s memories, he walked back. He lived in his pensive eye and after some seconds he was standing at the sidewalk waiting for the road signal to turn green. All that he could see in his mind were just pink sandals hugging the floor and the twirl. He cant get it out of his mind.

But…… Things changed. He felt himself thudding onto the pavement; a screeching sound and a red cloud filled the atmosphere of crimson red sky which was turning pale….An old woman screamed, the once-raced kids now ran for their lives with streaks of blood. It was…; A bomb blast, an artificial calamity, an inhumane assault of a group on their own species, own brothers, sisters…….

Suddenly, he felt his body, came to the present tense, stood up and ran to the smoking spot. And, he found that restaurant shattered into pieces………………..

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