Standing on pins and needles :|

Cant remember when did the exams started!! Am I getting the ‘Amnesia’ again?! Its just because the exams have started long back… Some 2 months back, its just ‘nonstop exams’ stuff!! And the worst part of it is that this ‘nonstop nonsense’ will continue and go on till March 19. The list goes on like this; Pre Quarterly; Quarterly; Pre Half Yearly I, II, and III.! And then Half Yearly, Revision I, II, Pre Board, and then finally the ‘Final Bugging Board’ On March 2nd! It looks like a long forgotten route already and I’m finding it hard to camp myself at nights to study ‘ The foolish subjects!’

Last Friday night was the worst night in my life so far. The next day was scheduled to be the Chemistry exam including just seven lessons! Its fair that I got a holiday on friday due the rains! But; ironically I didnt study! Found it hard to study to change the habits of watching the ‘Discovery Channel’ every half an hour to study some 20 pages in 1 hour! I felt so annoyed, so pestered, so disturbed, so bugged up as if my blood veins would plop out of my body at any time sending red streaks of blood in all directions! Felt my pulse level rising up and some extra adranaline disseminating into my whole body! I cant help thinking myself  “I’m lost! I’m Gone! Thats it mate! Its your end!”  All such thoughts and nightmares revolved around my head on that night!

Fortunately, on the same time ironically Chemistry was rescheduled to be held on Tuesday with no holiday! I studied up, but didnt do well!!

Something has to be done! 😐

2 thoughts on “Standing on pins and needles :|

  1. Hey bro,

    Let me tell you something. At the end of the day (after a couple of years) you will find that the marks you get today doesn’t matter at all.

    Hope you get through this without much effect on you.

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