The Curious case of Biology

Let us get it straight! This is rather a cry of biology lovers who were introduced to our beloved, lovable, most-best biology teacher in the universe!

We took Biology in our 11th (11 ‘ A ‘ – 08-09 batch) grade just because we were so much fascinated about it! The bunchy guys finished the year under the guidance of our Bio sir (A decent one)!

But, we befuddled the very next year! Guys separated in three corners, into sections; the first two suffering hard, mentally like a bush man in the sands of Sahara who knows to get water and live! Thank god, we survived the inevitable’s of our beloved Bio mam! *Grin*

– Bio mam entered the classroom with a jerk! My friend looked at her eagerly thinking that she will be better than bio sir! Nothing happened for a minute!

We finished our silence, she finished her walk with a jerk (again)!

No commands, no orders, she did not utter a word, but just looked at the class in an uninterested way ,like a lazy pterodactyl!! We settled down and she spoke her first platinized words!

“I do not care, you like biology or not, you are going to study to become a doctor or not! (Pause) I want (Pause) all of you (Pause) to get centum in biology (LongPause) only under my guidance!”

She continued (of course, with a pause) and asked “Where are we?”

Some nerds chickled, raised their hands, showed her the pages! Some coughed, some dreaming!

My friend dreamt of  counting some broken teeth and his fists hurt a bit! But, she took least notice with a “Gildery Lockhart”-like artificial smile! We not only ‘disliked’ it; we ‘hate’ it

Days and months rolled off and the class was just filled with “Reading, writing, and guys sleeping, losing interest in their once-very-favorite-best subject.”

After Bio mam came into prominence, the “F” word became more predominant, copying, bits became obvious, doubts became aliens, and guys found hard to sleep in the night cuz of sleeping-classes!

Biology classes no more were meant to learn biology; they were just meant to get those MARKS, which drives a good boy insane, a nerd to excitement, our bio mam to the game or ‘life or death’!

Mate! All we have to message and say to our beloved, jerky bio mam before we leave our school is “Please Retire or make us deaf”!

Thank you very much.

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