How a Biology student thinks

“Ah! There goes the white birds! How beautiful they are!”, said the Computer Student.

“Oh yeah! They are Gorgeous, aint they!”, said the Biology student with a twinkle in his eye.

These two friends were sitting in their local cricket ground, one chewing gum and watching the geese in the sky, other watching the geese in the sky and chewing gum. The kids in the ground were cheering loudly, and there was a small fight going on in one corner of the ground as a ball accidently hit the bowler when something caught his eye in the sky just in his follow-through; he got pissed off and showed that finger. Well, you know, the rest is history. We are not upto talking about that, anyway.

Apparently, no one in the ground noticed the flying fleshy, v-shaped, flock of those flabbergasting geese except these two, chewing gum. There was silence as they watched it in awe. You know – Kids!

“I wish I could fly!”, said the Computer kid with enthusiasm, breaking the silence, still watching the cloudless sky, though the geese were long gone.

“Ah! You can!”, said the Biology Kid.

“I can?”

“Yeah, you can”

“How?”, he asked with utter confusion. He knew the antics of this bio guy. Yet, he couldn’t make up whats in his mind.

“Well, you know its just simply physics, air friction, and of course – biology”, said the Bio Kid with pride, emphasizing on the word ‘Biology’ as if it was his girlfriend . He winked at the Computer kid, who just glared at him.

“How?”, he asked again as if he hadn’t heard him at all. Biology just irritated him to the core. He continued to chew his gum. The Bio Kid spat it out. He began to speak.

“Well, you know its just about getting those feathery wings, and getting some buoyancy in your bones, and some air sacs in your lungs, plus high oxygen retaining capacity of the Hemoglobin in your Red Blood Corpuscles, and of course gaining  just a little of a streamlined body structure, which means you have got be very straight when you fly”, he took a deep breath. The Computer Kid chuckled joy as he thought that the Bio Kid has finished, but he hasn’t.

“And oh yeah, how could I forget. Your joints in your pelvic girdle screwed into the femur should have high revolving and rotating capacity. You know, to change directions while flying. And the most important is the feathers”, he added. “Just replace your body hair with soft plumage and quill feathers. As simple as that”, said the Bio kid with innocent eyes. The two stared at each other in utter silence. The fight at the corner of the ground was still going on. All of a sudden, he started to smile. His smile grew broad and broad, as his eyes rose. And it came to a halt.

He looked like the Dark Knight’s Villain.

The computer Kid eyed him suspiciously.

“Um, are you just okay? Maybe we can go to Kilpauk!”, he replied with voiceful sarcasm. He tried to smile but failed utterly.

“My procencephalon is functioning normally as ever,”, the Bio kid interrupted, fuming. “And my medial temporal lobe is the best in the locality, said my personal brain specialist whom I have been giving advice to. So, you want to fly or not? I cant help you if you dont say ‘no’!”, the Bio guy spat at him, literally.

“Okay, okay chill!”, replied the Computer Kid between gum chewing. He stared at the sky still. Suddenly, the idea of flying seemed more enthusiastic to him.

“How?”, he asked for the third time. This time more seriously.

“Mutation!”, he said with a broad grin. The mention of the word changed the expression of the Computer Kid’s face turn from enthusiasm to mild horror. He continued “you see., I can take you to my personal lab and just some pass some UV rays through your… hey, HEY!!”, the Computer Kid was running frantically from the ground. Head completely ground-wards, fists closed tight, he looked like a miniature human sized tata-ace. Of course, with very little velocity.

The kid knows what a ‘mutation’ is and how it frantically affects the genetical makeup of a human or any other organism in fact, giving harmful or useful results. Well, actually he didnt know that much. He just knew ‘Mutation’ gives you six legs, an extra eye, and a spider head, without the abilities of spider-man. It drives him crazy always. And the best part is that, the Bio Kid knew what the Computer kid knew.

As the Computer kid ran frantically, he hit the fighting guys in the corner of the ground on his way out accidentally, and all of a sudden those guys started running after this him, with their bats. With a sudden hustle and a final clatter onto the entrance gate of the ground, he ran into the streets. After few frantic moments, the ground became silent.

So silent that the Bio Kid could hear his exhaling and inhaling of air into his lungs, controlled involuntarily by his medulla and pons. He was awe-struck as his plan has worked to 100% success rate.

He just stared at the sky as if nothing had happened. He looked at the entrance and found no one coming. He turned his neck 47 degrees to his left and his eye balls 92 degrees to his original position and 45 degrees to his then position and focussed his fovea centralis onto the left side of the place where the computer kid was once seated.

With a rush of excitement he grabbed the six chewing gums resting there, lying motionless and pocketed them safely. He grinned broad.

‘Really’ broad.

He started to stare at the sky as if in trance waiting for another flock of geese to come and another computer kid to come with some chocolates. He began thanking his cerebrum in the interim.

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