Ah! Oh my God, I can't believe it. It's glowing as well!
Hey look, I found an yellow ball in the air!

“You are one god-damn idiot! I would have never done a Stupdiotic thing if I were you!!”, said the Black Shirt as he became furious. Furious enough that tiny hair-sized blood vessels in his cornea became enlarged with the rushing flow of blood, and his eyes turned blood-shot. With his little grown moustache, fairly out of place for his microscopic side-burn, he was scarier than ever. His eyes were fixed on the white shirt to whom he was shouting furiously.

They were friends for 3 to the power of 6 days, and this is not the first time that Black Shirt has shouted at his friend; But, this was the first time something else happened. An oopsy-something happened.  The white shirt nodded and smiled gently to the Black Shirt’s screams. He looked at his watch and calculated that in approximately 13.42 minutes, Black Shirt will go mad.

Black Shirt’s small brain wasn’t convinced by White Shirt’s reaction and pumped in more furiousness utterly not aware of what is about to happen to him! “You need to have some Perspective! You ASSHOLE!”, he shouted at the top of his voice.

White shirt twitched at the sound of the word ‘Perspective’. This is the moment he has been waiting for; doing silly things to always annoy the Black Shirt whom I should point out that doesnt wear the same Black Shirt all the time. He wears different black shirts.

White Shirt walked slowly to his side, put his arm around the perplexed Black Shirt’s shoulders, and  explained to him about Perspective, and more importantly, the weapon that he has created regarding Perspective. ‘The TOTAL PERSPECTIVE VORTEX’ or the TPV, as people will call it in the future.

– Though the idea of creating TPV came from the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, White Shirt successfully succeeded in creating one.

We all know the fact that every single piece of atom in this universe is affected directly or indirectly by every other atom in the Universe, lest not the atoms in the parallel Universes. So, in his lab, White Shirt took a piece of fairy cake, fed it to an organic eating computer with a high resolution scan and created a virtual-real Universe of the same scale as that of the Real Universe; or as we call as the Real Universe.

Perspective – As we call it – is simple to explain; ‘I understand English. You understand English and Tamil. We both understand Thanglish, a mix of Tamil and English. So, in my perspective, you understand English, Tamil and Thanglish which is true, and in your perspective I understand English, Tamil and Thanglish which is not true because I understand only English and Thanglish and not Tamil. So basically, my point is that ‘ I cannot basically see, feel what you see, feel, hundred percent but can come very close to it.’ Thats perspective for you; atleast for me.

And in the TPV machine, a person, a normal human-being, a cute-little biped of 6 feet high will be seen as a microscopic dot on a microscopic part of the Universe on a microscopic scale. When White Shirt invented this theory, he felt too much excited that he almost fell into his own trap to check his machine on himself to see the Perspective of a human in the scale of Universe. He didnt fall for the deadly trap. Black Shirt did.

Now, as White Shirt walked the perplexed Black Shirt to his 5 foot high TVP, resembling a telescope focussed in the wrong direction, Black Shirt got too excited to see through it with his bloodshot eyes. Black Shirt loves Telescopes, and White Shirt knew it. He opened the lid of TPV, and Black Shirt came peering in with instinct the very moment, like a 13 year old teenage girl with a record low-level IQ excited to see Justin Beiber.

-When you are very firm in believing a very false statement and refuse to believe anything else, and suddenly when you realize that what you believed in was actually false is the truth; You turn mad- White Shirt knew this theory as Black Shirt adjusted his eyes to the TPV! He knew what is about to happen next!

In TPV, Black Shirt saw at the Virtual Real Universe and focused his sharp eyes onto the microscopic thing seen on the microscopic part of the Universe on a microscopic scale – actually a piece of Fairy cake. He took his eyes off the TOTAL PERSPECTIVE VORTEX. Suddenly, everything came crashing down on him. He smiled. He frowned. He saw Perspective in its true sense. White Shirt smiled as he checked his watch. ‘13.42 minutes’. – Click! Black Shirt went mad.

White Shirt slowly turned sideways, like in an slo-mo camera, and faced his audience, as Black Shirt folded himself and stayed back in a deep bero. White Shirt was a Nobel prize winning psychologist who just had shown the most powerful torturing weapon in this Universe, ever created. All these stuff happened in White Shirt’s imagination. In his dream. Importantly – in his perspective.

He smiled. He frowned. He held up his hand to acknowledge the applause. And he gently said – ‘So, ladies and gentlemen. You have finally witnessed the TPV; the worlds most powerful torturing weapon! So, if someone comes to you and says that ‘ you have got no god-damn perspective in your mind, please ask them to put a finger on their lips, turn around, walk straight, find the deepest well in the district, and jump into it! Thank you!” He grinned! as White Shirts will grin.

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