Too much Pepsi

He was just looking at her. His head was stationed straight and relaxed; but he wasn’t seeing the movie; he was mesmerized by her. The evening was awesome and his date was flabbergasting. Finally he felt like he had met his soul-mate as both of them watched the climax of the movie. The movie was an action-thriller and she was completely into it. Not this guy. He wanted to be completely into something else.

Well, anyway as her eyes rose with fear and as she tugged his shirt for a sense of security, he knew that she was enjoying herself. Everything was going awesome! So far.

As the credits started, she finally noticed his intelligent eyes boring on her and let out a girlish giggle. That girlish giggle for which boys fall for. He fell.

They walked past the crowded corridor to the parking lot, their eyes virtually glued upon each other. There was an air of electricity between them; a spark which might spread fire in the hay anytime. They were silent..

She got into her car and he followed suit. He tried to indulge in some small talk but she dismissed everything with a wave; with single answers. Sure she ain’t into small talks tonight. He thought to himself, rightly so.

With a block away from her house, she stopped the car and just stared at the empty road.

He stared at her.

The road was absolutely empty. No stray dogs, no waste-dumping-aunties, no noisy neighbors, nothing.

The air was clean, and the trees nearby gently swayed in the wind as if dancing to a cute little lullaby.

She turned to him shyly and said ” I really had an awesome time today”, and forced a smile. The smile for which the boys go drooling. He did.

She started brushing her soft black fringed hair, that hugged her shoulders like a velvet casket. She started fiddling with her keys, waiting for him to make a move.

He pinched himself.

She looked into his eyes. He looked deep into her eyes.

They came close together.

So slow and so close that the spark between them was finally going to spread into a forest fire of massive destruction.

They came too close for the molecules between them broke their covalent bonds releasing heat energy and became ions..

So close that he was just Angstrom Units away from her.

He burped.

4 thoughts on “Too much Pepsi

  1. The anticlimatic end was a little obvious and probably not ending up with th effect you intended. Incorporate a little more of ‘show’ type of writing rather than telling.
    And too many sentences begin with ‘he’. Makes for an eyesore. Variety and description!

    1. Thanks for your comment. 🙂
      Basically, my intent is to not use any names and spin a story referring to none in particular.
      Will try to sort ’em out.

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