Hunted – Dolphin Drives

The region around the Solomon islands was peaceful and joyous. The sky was blue, and the pacific was fertile with the floating zooplanktons which fed on the numerous phyto-planktons which gave the waters a greenish-tinge to the already magnificent deep blue color. A swarm of dolphins was happily playing and enjoying the evening sun in the shallow waters. After a good lunch, they were squeaking, and jumping, as if dancing in joy in their happy life.

In a big herd of 30, most of them females or small kids, they just happily roamed around the waves, until things changed. Eleven shipping boats with dozens of men in each of them came searing towards the happy swarm. In panic, all the Dolphins started moving in random directions yelping in fear; some of them swam for the sea while some of them swam straight to the coast.

The shipping boats moving with a good pace had nets in them, and the men dispatched them underwater. The net was long enough for the shallow water and tensile enough for the dolphins not to break them. The dolphins which swam for the deep sea were strangled in the nets forcefully, and were carried along to the coast. The blue sea began to turn red for the first time.

Some dolphins bound to the strong net died on impact as the net cut through their organs. Some remain bound. Alive. They wished they were dead.

The dolphins which ran towards their coast realized their mistake as the sea level became more and more shallower, but it was too late to turn back as the boats are at a fast pace towards them. In a blind rage and panic, the Dolphins came towards the end of the sea, to the coast and their momentum carried them further forward; into the coast.

When the sea turned red

The poor mammals jumped out of the sea into the coast to save their lives; or just to live a few minutes longer. The engine roars stopped, and the remaining dolphins caught in the net are brought to the coast with the help of special shipping equipment and motor.

A dolphin jumped out of the coast was still alive. It’s moist skin adsorbed with the beach sand; her breathing fast and rapid; her body convulsing in fear. Dolphins are basically mammals, and unlike aquatic fish they need air to breathe as they have lungs; but too much of heat and harsh, dry conditions will kill it. As the dolphin was breathing its last, a tall man in his mid-thirties walked up to it. The sharp dagger he was holding in his hands gleamed in the evening sun which made the dolphins eyes flinch. He walked slowly, came near to the poor dolphin which was now looking at him. He smiled and impregnated the dagger right in-between the eyes of the dolphin. The crimson red fluid which came out of the shivering Dolphin was not supposed to be at that beach sand.

Dolphins are found in loads in the pacific, atlantic, and even in rivers. There are different species of Dolphins ranging in weight from 40 kg upto 10 tonnes (The Killer whales). Though the number of Dolphins is pretty good in today’s ocean waters, it’s number is alarmingly decreasing due to over-fishing and Dolphin drive expedition like this. Dolphins also get accidently killed by boat propellers, nets intended to catch other fishes (Cetacean by-catch), etc.. If this exponential  increase in the deaths of the Dolphins continue, then we might just see Dolphins in the museum. 

I just hope this inhumane assault of the Dolphins stop in the near future. Dolphin’s meat is rich in mercury and might cause severe food poisoning. Hope that we don’t see those cute little intelligent creatures only in bottles.

A 3 month old Dolphin fetus got from a dead female

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