The Marina of Chennai

Second largest beach in the world and yet it doesn’t seem large enough for the all of us; Marina is awesome. No, not the movie. I haven’t watched it. The beach of Marina, with the morning Sunshine, the lovely pasture on one side, the foggy harbor on the other side, fish markets, bajji shops, ice cream shops, garbage tins, couples behind the garbage tins, couples in the open sand, the waves, the ‘Nandu’s of Marina, and what not; the creepy night Marina; everything adds clamor to the city of Chennai.
Marina has been a part of my life. My place is just about 4 kilometers from there, and I have a lot of fond memories of it. Not just me, every child growing up would’ve had their moments there.
Playing in the beach; sand-castles, and what not.
Once, I went to the beach with four of my friends, and I found myself staring at the sea. It had no waves! The ocean was calm as a dead grandma, blue as a turquoise color in photoshop can ever get! I spent the next 90 minutes lying there in the beach, in the salty ocean, like a sumo wrestler in the dead sea and playing ball with my friends. It was awesome!
And last Saturday, I witnessed something more majestic. The beach was at its best, with the beautiful tides. I could see that the sea level has rised a bit in the years, yet it was so beautiful. And suddenly, I saw a silvery thing plopping onto the sea. On the first glance, it looked like someone was throwing silver into the sea. I just kept looking on, and 2 seconds later I was in awe. They were fishes jumping out of the sea!
Alright. Fishes jumping out of the sea? Big deal?
Tell you what, it is a big deal. Having watched fishes jump around in discovery channel, in the rivers of Amazon, Ocean of Atlantic, I wished I could see some in my lifetime! And there it was, right in front of me, and it was awesome.
Memories. They are like gold to humans as bananas to monkeys. We can’t live without them. And if the bananas are beautiful, more starch contained, who wouldn’t love it.
On that Saturday, I found myself sharing the beach with two of my friends who were deciding their future with a piece of log.
Throw it way into the waves; if it comes back; you’ll have an awesome girlfriend. That’s their opinion. One got it back. One lost it.
Ah! Never mind. We all got the bananas we wanted 🙂

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