People come. People live. People die.

Great men come. Great men live. Period

Everyone has the same twenty-four hours in their life. Forget the childhood where a man’s character and his personality is shaped up. The childhood of a main is like the form of a wet clay. They can be shaped up, remoulded into a beautiful statue or a toy by the parents, by the society. Or it can be spoiled ugly too. But the adulthood ain’t like that. It is like a dry clay. It may shine long if it is well polished and kept clean or will just creak up to nothing if it is not well maintained.

Just wait a minute there. We are forgetting something. It’s not completely true that adulthood is like a dry clay which ‘cannot’ be remoulded. All you need is just a splash of H20 to make it wet again. But, if a human who is not a toy clay has to e remoulded, the water will not be provided from the outside, it has to explode like the tiny sprinkles of droplets from the ‘inside’. From ‘within him’! That, my friend, is called as ‘Intention’!

It is never too late to change yourself”

I had read about great men having a change in their character, in what they do, changes in their profession very late in their life. A serial killer could turn into a good guy; a Barrister turned into the Father of a Nation; a Cobbler turned into the President of the United States. These people didn’t change when they were just 13. They changed later in their lives and still prospered! Of course, there are always incidents in great men’s childhood which shaped them up, but that just didn’t turn them into great men. They had this most deadliest weapon of all. The weapon. The Intention to achieve! The Intention to do something new! They not just asked ‘why?’; they went one step further and asked ‘why not?’. They had this will power to tear up mountains into pieces. And that made them great men. And that’s why they are still great men!

If these men can become great men; we can as well. Well, to be realistic, by ‘great men’, I don’t mean you should turn into another ‘Mahatma Gandhi’. Nope! All I just mean is ‘you’ to be a’greater you’!

There are lots of reasons for us to sit back at home, sulk, and build a cocoon around ourselves. It’s difficult to come out of that cocoon but, if we have two things in our hands, even Chuck Norris can’t stop us. That’s just

“The intention to do something new; And the willpower to do it”

Whatchu gonna do?

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