Blue cross

It was a warm summer day. I woke up in the sidewalks ever so lazily, yawning and showing my dirty milk teeth. It was a lazy Sunday morning, very lazy indeed that I couldn’t see even one Human walking down the streets. I kicked out the sand off my skin, and began to look for my mom and my siblings. They just love to tease me and fight with me. And mom really likes to give me a kiss every time I cuddled her, but she wasn’t in sight. Probably gone to get some food? Maybe.

I just walked down the street, looking for them but, I couldn’t find them at all. Just I was about to panic, a black guy looked at me down the street. He was well built, muscular, but he had some skin rashes; but the most fearsome thing about him was that he was staring right at me; looking right through my soul. I got goosebumps on my back, turned back ever so slowly and started running. He was right after me!

It was a losing chase I knew, but I just kept running with the black guy right behind my tail, ready to bite it at any moment. Just as I turned the street, the black guy lost his balance and tumbled a bit, and I found myself in the arms of a Human! Ah! Human! Am I glad to see him! He was a kid by human standards, about 12 Human years in age, and he just looked at me, and caressed my brown hair all over my body. He saw the black guy coming onto me, picked up a stone and hit him right in the shoulder area, careful not to hurt his eyes. The blackie yelped in pain, and scurried in the opposite direction. There was no scale, no words how happy I was to find this guy. He saved my life!

He gave me a gentle kiss on my forehead, and I began licking his arms, and he seemed to like it. Humans are always gentle to us, giving us biscuits, petting us sometimes, and allowing to sleep on their roads. Always so sweet of them, and this Human was no exception. He took me by his arms and started walking somewhere. I was really afraid of heights, so I just cocooned myself into his chest and lay silent. He walked for about 5 minutes, and was speaking something to me in ‘Human’. I didn’t really understand him, but he seemed to be so happy as I was.

I was about to fall asleep again, when he abruptly stopped in front of a steel gate and I could hear some of the dogs barking. I was happy as I thought I could hear my mommy and my siblings, but as I went more closer I could see that my mommy ain’t there. The barking came  from steel doors, cages in which dirt filled, ugly, skinny dogs were yelping in pain or in hunger. I couldn’t bear the sight of it. The Human who was carrying me just handed me over to another one, but he looked scarier. He had a mustache, and a cut on his forearm which just looked like a dog bite. I was so terrified as the 12 year old waved me a goodbye and left me all alone with this fearful Human. He examined me like a curious piece of artifact, held me by my neck hair which was really painful and forced me into a cage of 2 puppies both were sleeping or both were dead.

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