Observations. Records. ******

I always wanted to go to college. Been a shy little guy in school, I wanted to grow up soon, end up in college, get lots of friends and have fun. Have fun studying, learning, and to do different things. But, as I entered college, BOOM! Hopes collapsed.

One of the things that I (And almost everyone) hate in college life is record writing. With about 3 practical subjects every semester, we have to copy something utterly stupid from the stupid manuals which are prepared none other than the professors themselves to the observation and then to the records. With the little nerd inside me, I wrote the records religiously in my first semester. In the second semester, my little nerd died. Thanks to those observations and records.

There are words in the manuals. These words are just copied onto the observations. Then to records. No one understands anything. No  one cares about anything in the manual. You just blindly follow the protocol. Cut off some words so that it ‘saves’ time. In the end, nothing is gained and time is wasted. I still don’t know for what hair we have manuals, observations and records.

It even collapses the hopes of little nerds like me to study actually what’s in the manuals. Pathetic.

More pathetic is the state how the professors treat the observations and records as their bible. If a guy or a girl doesn’t finish the record on time, he is a bad guy/girl. Wow. Seriously. What a great way to scale some student as good or bad!

But, why is this done?

This is not something new. From long long ago, no one knows how long ago this has been going on. Probably from the British period? The British introduced this ‘mugup’ type of education so that people won’t gain too much of knowledge and question them. The British just wanted zombies. Just Indian clerks to fill up their seats. And we’re following that same system even now. We’re trained to be zombies. Clerks. Everything is just an eyewash. Great.

How it should be?

Scrap out Observations and Records. Make the students to understand what’s really in the manuals rather than making them blindly copy something which even the profs don’t understand. That’s just stupid. Make stuff interesting. Interactive. Joyful. Colorful. Students are like an open-book. Don’t close them with observations and manuals.

So, what can be done?

Massive student moments? Nah. Too big profile. Petitions? Nah. Will fall on deaf ears. With the current situation, I don’t think students can do anything at all to break this long term stupidity. We can just sit back, and wait until the authorities come up with some brains. Oh, in the mean time enjoy your observation, record writing. And regarding the authorities coming up with some brains to scrap this method, I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, I don’t see the end of the tunnel at all.

Instead of breaking records, we’re just writing them.

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