Speaking Banana

There was once a speaking banana. It had eyes, ears, a mouth, a tongue, everything, but it was stuck to a plant. It thought of speaking to the other bananas, but others couldn’t speak at all and looked dead and just stuck to the banana plant. The banana wanted to break free, not to get attached to the plant for its lifetime and end up in someone’s mouth. So, it struggled a lot and broke free of the banana plant and started walking along the farm peacefully.

All of a sudden it heard a rustle among the ground and it was so afraid that it could be eaten by someone. Suddenly, a dark brownish image emerged out of the litter from what looked to be a hole. It was a rat and surprisingly, it spoke too. That rat has never seen a speaking banana and soon the banana and the rat became friends. The rat would invite the banana down to its hole where they’ll have some grains and starch. Soon, the female rat in the hole got jealous and wanted the banana for it too. The male had no problem and together they shared the food and the banana, the male rat, the female rat became great friends.

After few days the banana knew that its time has come. So, it called the rats and asked them to eat it so that it can at least give his friends some food when it dies. The rats obliged painfully as they had no food to eat. The next day the banana grew old and died. Once filled with beautiful yellow skin, it turned into full black and seemed motionless. The rats were in tears and silently ate the banana. As soon as the rats had the banana, they were caught in a rat net and were sent to a biotechnology laboratory.

The scientist of the lab performed a series of trials on rats collected from different farms for his experiment on ‘depression’. He induced uncomfortable situations on the rats he collected, and calculated their stress levels. Astonishingly, he found that the rats of our story had very low stress levels. When pondering over what could have been the reason for their low stress, one of the rats called him and spoke to him about their friend banana, almost in tears. The scientist was awe-struck by a speaking rat and was more awe-struck by the fact that bananas can remedy depression. Quickly he wanted to show the rat to everyone else so that he can become famous, but as he was searching for a camera, the rat had a slip in its cage and a small iron bar in the cage pierced its tongue.

When the scientist showed his colleagues the speaking rat, it didn’t speak and they laughed at him. The scientist turned sick and beat the rat to death for not speaking in front of others. Even though he did experiments on bananas to prove their medicinal values, he could find no result and eventually got very depressed. Since he knew bananas help depression, he had too many bananas each day and eventually died of obesity.

So, the moral of the story is – If you’re stuck to a group where no one does anything different, doesn’t mean that you have to do the same.

And also, if you’re depressed, grab a banana but don’t take too many of them.

*All the characters in the above story has been made up and you knew it already, didn’t you?*

6 thoughts on “Speaking Banana

  1. This is a definite result of joblessness =P Lol !
    And really ? Should it oly be speaking bananas, you cudn think of anything else? =P Lol !! And met a rat !? Read it now with proper references =P =D Lol!!

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