My Bucket List

List of things I want to do before I die..

1. Discover a new species:

I haven’t said this to anyone before but I’ve always wanted to do this. Insects, birds, reptiles, animals, the world is full of fascination and nature has always fascinated me. iPhones don’t fascinate me. Nature does. There are a whole lot of new species out there to be discovered. Nearly 70 % ( I presume) of insects is yet to be discovered at all. So, I just want to create that opportunity that I would stumble upon a new species. Not that I wanna name it after me, just an overwhelming curiosity.

2. See a Tiger upclose:

National Animal. I have seen it in a zoo. I have seen it in movies but haven’t encountered one in person, that too in the wild. Hope, I do that one day.

3. Own a sports bike:

I own a Platina – 100 cc bike and it is one of the best gifts I’ve got (My bro got it for his own use but later found no joy in riding it, so he gifted it to me unceremoniously). Though it is one of the best bikes for a city ride, I wanna own a sports bike someday. Say, like a 300cc bike or a 650cc one or more. Though it is not environmentally good to have such a powerful bike (They release more than twice the CO2 that my bike releases), it’s been always my passion to ride for long hours, feel the air blowing against my face, whistle past vehicles and say hi to kids in small towns. With almost no financial independency for me right now, that dream will take a long way to fulfill.

4. Visit the Himalayas:

I haven’t seen snow capped mountains in my life. I just wanna see the majestic of all mountains in its snow capped beauty before the glaciers run out of ice and the mountains run out of life 😦 Time is ticking.

5. Learn the sign language:

The tamil movie ‘Mozhi’ had fascinated me. Imagine yourself just for a second that you cannot hear anything. How you’d feel? When you try to tell it to your friends, you learn that you cannot talk too. How you’d fell? You can’t feel right now how you’d feel if you’re deaf and dumb but I’ve seen a few people with such irregularities and they’ve always reminded me of one thing. Life can just be made happy. It’s just you decide how your life is gonna be. They chose happiness despite their handicap. Their fine ability to communicate with just sign language had inspired me to learn it too and ‘talk’ to them. But, not the way you and me talk.

6. Photograph something majestic:

I’ve got a Digital SLR with me (Canon and a normal zoom lens) but I haven’t taken any photos that have changed anything or impacted anything. I wanna own a macro lens (That’s right!) and an ultra zoom lens to take awesome pictures. Though this is quite selfish of me to say, I’ve got to say I find myself in photographing birds and mainly insects. If not a zoom lens, atleast a macro lens. Soon….

7. Trek somewhere alone:

Take my photography kit, go alone into a forest, eat, sleep and get back alive. I wanna do that!

8. When I get older, I don’t wanna regret:

As I’m writing this post, I’m just 19 years of age. When I turn 40, I don’t wanna regret what I did at 19. I don’t wanna curse myself saying that ‘Dude, you should’ve done this!’. Though this is the most important bucket list I wanna fulfill, it is painfully excruciating because only time will tell if I had really fulfilled this point 8.

I can’t think of anything other than these 8 points. I don’t want materialistic powers but just a comfortable life to live, help others and make a mark in this world run by individuals controlled by selfish genes.

So, what’s your bucket list? 🙂

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