Made my day

It was last Sunday. The sky wasn’t blue for a 4 PM skyline. It was cloudy but any nutwick can tell you that it ain’t gonna rain for a while. Being the Sunday evening, and me bored of watching numerous episodes of House M.D., I stepped onto my balcony just involuntarily and watched the windless sky.

I love birds. Unfortunately, there are only few species of them in my locality. Sparrows, crows, mynas, bulbuls (rarely) and there are always parakeets (or parrots). Green, cute, red beaked and slender, they are enthralling and as always I was enthralled by a parakeet flying onto a tree from a distance. Its motion was swift, with eyes locking onto the perch where it wanted to land; yet quite slow for a parakeet. Its tail was forked, wide and spread like a fan that a Japanese doll holds, which is something I haven’t noticed in parakeets before. It was as if life had come down in slow motion and decided to enthrall me and indeed I enjoyed watching the little bird. I thought I was the only one watching this tiny avian, but I had company.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a little girl in her house’s balcony (just opposite to my house, just a bit to the right), with cropped up hair, not more than 6 years of age and looking at the same parakeet that I was looking at, which was now perched upon a slender branch of a tree, absolutely oblivious of me. I was kinda too far away from her to see her eyes and what they expressed, but I could see her smiling at the parakeet as if welcoming an old friend with grace. Time passed and I’m not sure if it was a minute, or a half. Ten seconds or a fraction of a second as we watched the parakeet.

Suddenly, the parakeet jumped from its perch and as swiftly as it came, flew past the little girl and over my house, whose actions the little girl and I followed, oblivious of each other. As it disappeared from my sight, I looked at the little girl, who was now smiling and giggling; still looking at the direction where the parakeet flew by. I could see her eyes now and in that a sense of carelessness, enthusiasm, curiosity, but most importantly – the happiness of a child. She then turned to her left, and dashed in a zig zag manner like a zealot into her house with hands over her head, probably to tell her siblings about the cute little bird that she saw.

That two minutes of – The tiny little parakeet, and the cute little lady with her giggles and charm turned my what was once a boring Sunday evening into a heart-warming one which I won’t forget. 🙂

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