It’s okay to not follow everyone.

My mind likes to roam in a penchant way,

Eager to read and also to learn.

But, disappointment followed me every other day;

As people study, just to earn.


If you try to learn, you’ll be tagged as a nerd;

Nothing you could do, but follow the herd.


I once tattled a guy who was copying in the exam;

Thinking that I did an act of deed.

But, the examiner asked me “What’s your problem?!”,

Planting in me, the reality’s seed.


I wanted to be a doctor till I was in tenth.

I wanted to help the people in distress.

As time passed, I gave up the thought;

Because of the nature of humanity that I could guess.


There are people out there; with just a single shabby dress;

And people who barbecue at the beach.

Which makes me wonder; all we’re doing is digress

from the purpose of life we beseech.


I completely changed what I used to be;

The ‘Past me’ wouldn’t believe that I grew up to a misanthrope.

Right into the human soul; I thought I could see.

I began to see life as a slug; if you could use it as a trope. 


I became an introvert and books became my best friends.

I realized I was lonely, but I didn’t really worry.

Finally it’s okay, to not follow the trends.

I left my past, leaving itself to bury.


George Orwell became my reality explorer.

JK Rowling taught me thousands of million things.

I grew to be silent and much more borer.

But it’s okay for your mind to sing in a tune none ever sings. 

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