I stood at what remained of my balcony and watched the darkness around me. I could see the milky way, a spectacular sight I haven’t seen all my life – thanks to light pollution that exist everywhere. However there was no moon in sight. It felt as if like she is ashamed to share an atmosphere and revolve around an ungainly planet like Earth where a single species bounced onto an innate urge to destroy itself and the planet it inherited.


I let the moment pass as a strange sense of peace ran over me. I might be the last person living on this planet. That very thought sent a chill down my spine. As a common man, I had no idea what really happened when we started the war on ourselves. Men who represented nations waged war on other nations and soon everything was rubble – just like my once beautiful balcony. Nuclear war they called it. World War III sounded a bit old-fashioned.

As I stood there and watched the dark blanket that surrounded me expect for the shining stars, I knew my time was nearly up. I felt weak that very morning and whatever little left of my intestines poured over itself through my mouth. My eyes began to fade and everything was in red. Strange hallucinations filled up my mind. Just like a Gieger Muller counter during the war, my mind went crazy; yet I felt calm.

First came the light. Brilliant, flashing, bright light far far away which spread into the sky. Some nuclear warhead might have detonated – thanks to radiations. I knew my time was up. I just stood there.

Light travels faster than sound and the shock waves were yet to reach me. I deduced that I might have about 20 seconds of my life left. I heaved a sigh. 

They said your life flashes in front of you when you are in the verge of death. Nothing happened to me. Nothing went in slow motion. All I saw was blackness. Maybe that was how my life has been?

Again I thought I might be the last person on this planet representing my species and that sent another chill down my spine which would be just a mixture of carbon atoms in few seconds. A strange sense of peace enveloped over me. Though I am not personally responsible for Mother Earth’s massacre, I felt ashamed that I share the very genes which had given man the intelligence to destroy himself. How ironic!

Albert Einstein once said “I don’t know about World War III; but I’m sure World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

I managed a smile. There would be no World War IV Mr. Einstein. 

I lifted my hands along my sides as if embracing an old friend. I knew that it would be painless because the massacre of my body would be faster than the nerve impulses that my skin can carry to my brain.

I looked up the stars. I smiled.

And then there was nothing. 

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